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Sunday, September 17th, 7:00pm
The Crow Comedy
2525 Michigan Ave, Unit 4
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Angela Joy

Angela has performed at The World Famous Comedy Store, Flappers Burbank, The Improv Lab, Hollywood Comedy, Ha Ha Comedy Club, The Comedy Chateau, and is the Producer of the Comedy Therapy Show at Songbird Cafe.

She's worked with comedians such as Iliza, John Mulaney, Darrel Hammond, Jaime Kennedy, Jeremy Piven, Caroline Rhea, Francisco Ramos, Mary Lynn Rajskub and more!

She said she felt anxious while reading our book. Which is called "Anxious People." So she's already on track to do great. A+, Angie.

Benny Spiewak

You can catch Benny performing around the West Side of Los Angeles, including shows such as Star Baker and the Picture Day Show at The Crow! He's also written an amazing podcast for Spotify called An Oral History of The Office.

He plans on reading the book, with "plan" being the key word. He feels qualified to be in our book club, as he's been in one before called BBB. Which stood for Book, Beer, Burger. They read boring non-fiction books. We hope he's not bringing boring non-fiction energy into Book Club Comedy Show. But we will take the beers and burgers.

Kelly Shanley

Kelly is a Skimedian, which makes her cooler than any of us can dream to be. She produces the Star Baker Comedy Show and the Shred the Mic podcast. Kelly has performed at The Comedy Store, The Ice House, Hotel Cafe, Comedy Madness Show, and Reno Tahoe Comedy. Her "For Love or Peanut Butter" podcast is coming soon!

Kelly is for sure reading the book, and even though we aren't grading anyone, we preemptively gave her an A+ because we know she will. Her favorite book is "The Book Thief" which made her, and many of us, cry at the end. You can find her Skimedian clips on youtube at @kellyshanley.

Kat Bird

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Proud lover of all things LA. Kat Bird - her real name - loves animals and all things comedy.

Kat is a stand-up comic, improviser and rollerblader. She is the creator and producer of Laughing Gas open mic at The Crow, Untamed Comedy Show & Litter Box Comedy Show. She is also a regular at the Hollywood Improv and The Comedy Store.

Kat loves making weird characters and letting loose in improv where she is infinitely judged by her fellow classmates at Groundlings - but HEY be yourself. She improvises at Groundlings, LA Improv and Comedy Sports.

As a g
raduate of UC Berkeley Performance Arts, Kat spent her time at Berkeley writing jokes and realizing that being a stand-up comic would never pay off her student loans! Silly goose!

What an animal!

Diana Hong

Diana Hong is a rising stand-up comedian and writer with a style all her own. Diana is a regular at Cobb's Comedy Club, San Francisco Punch Line, and was named Comic of the Week by The Jackie & Laurie Show. Her comedy has been featured at Limestone Comedy Festival, SF Sketchfest, on Fuse TV’s “We Need to Talk About America” and won a Best of Fest at the 2022 Big Pine Comedy Festival.

Her composed demeanor stems from the pressure of being an only child to Korean immigrants but sometimes pressure doesn’t make diamonds, it makes comedians. With experiences that range from professional golf to retail, she shares personal anecdotes of navigating identity and life, digging into serious topics in a way that will make you relate, laugh, and want to give her a hug. In a seashell, her humor is like the ocean: deep, dark, and salty.

Diana currently lives in Los Angeles, CA with her two cats and partner Kayla (obviously a woman because...two cats).

We plagiarized this entire intro from her website. 

Nina Nguyen

Nina Nguyen’s comedy is vulnerable and sincere but will quickly detour into playful foolishness. She’s a bisexual Vietnamese trans comic from Houston TX pouring her heart out on stage, punctuating sentiment with something stupid. Nina was a finalist on StandupNBC, toured colleges through NACA and a writer for CBS Diversity Showcase. She recently performed at Limestone Comedy Festival and can be seen at clubs and festivals all over - but mostly in Los Angeles where she lives with her wife and cat. 

According to her iPhone, she's taken 1,216 photos of her cat in the last 2 years.

Andrew Dean Pearson

Andrew performs all over southern California, including well known places such as The Comedy Store, The Improv, Ha Ha Comedy Club, and Flappers. He loves performing stand up, but also really enjoys writing horror.

Andrew claims he totally would have read the book club book....if only it were a horror novel. 

We are just as excited for spooky season as you are, Andrew. 

Nicole Casaletto

As an avid reader, Nicole is the producer who put this gig together. Outside of the Book Club Comedy Show, she is a member of two more book clubs. She likes to think this extreme literacy makes her jokes twice as funny, but she's pretty sure it makes her twice as nerdy.  Now in her 40's, she finally decided being nerdy is super cool.

She's on a mission to complete a marathon in all 50 states, and has 28 states completed. Slowly. In fact, she's come in last place...twice. Also it turns out that she hates running. She'd love to tell you all about it.

Nicole has performed at the Star Baker Comedy Show, Comedy Therapy Show at Songbird Cafe, Fourth Wall Comedy, and at her own show the Book Club Comedy Show at The Crow.  She hopes you'll come to the show and knows you'll have a great time!
Guest Spot

Potentially, you! Each Book Club Comedy Show will feature one five-minute guest spot. Submit your name if you want, and the person is chosen by drawing out of a bucket. 

It's our way of bringing the discussion and participation element of an actual book club into our comedy show with the audience. The spot is open to comics, and non-comics, alike. 

Good luck!

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